Innovare is a leading information technology advisory, knowledge & skills transfer and talent management and event management company in the country.


Innovare is a management  training and consultancy company set up to help corporate organisations in all sectors achieve their organisational objectives through in innovation and optimisation of processes and individual staff competence. Our offerings are based on global best practices that create business opportunities, improve delivery and performance, facilitate information sharing and knowledge creation, increase transparency, accountability and effectiveness of management.

Assertively integrate resource sucking sources through resource maximizing channels. Seamlessly deliver virtual paradigms through web-enabled value. Progressively parallel task turnkey materials without effective leadership oriented catalysts for change through.

Our aim is to provide proven, enterprise-wide consultancy services to organisation by building on our consultants’ years of experience, professionalism and integrity.  We can tap into a large pool of experienced resource, which is a mixture of Ghanaians who know the local business environment very well and foreigners who will bring external experiences and expertise to support our engagements.

Innovare Learning Centre Instructors are active practitioners who either consult for or work full time in business environments where they use the very technologies and skills they teach. On average, instructors have at least 10 years’ experience and some have over 20 years. Because they have already solved the same problems you are likely to encounter, our instructors are equipped to share their real-world experience and practical solutions with you.

Innovare also partners with global training providers like SOMMERSET PLC, CAPITOLINE, ISACA, Simplilearn, BSI, PECB, TECHMILL-INDIA to source world class trainers if the skill is not available in the country. Our philosophy is to deliver the best training with the most appropriate instructors.
With Innovare Post Training Support, the learning does not end when the course ends. Our post-course support makes the instructor available to participants by email and telephone or into your workplace to help your team apply what they’ve learned.