Venue: Kempinski, Accra.

Dates: 29-30 March, 2017

As the financial sector in Africa gets increasingly heated up and very busy with so many new entrants in all the subsectors of the industry, the need for the adoption of

global best practices to maintain and sharpen the competitive edge continually becomes more imperative.Recent regulatory directives and the push towards adoption of international standards have required industry players to have to adapt the way in which they provide their products and services to their customers

As the result of these changes, the flow on effect on operational risk & compliance is something that financial service providers have to deal with.
The conference will look at global risk management practices in banking and insurance institutions, delve into the effects of legislative changes and how they should be dealt with by examining topics such as:

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The Summit is focused on financial institutions all over Africa. With the number of companies in the financial sector exceeding 150 institutions and an event of this nature never been held in the country, the expected attendance is expected to be over 200 delegates. The expected audience will be Risk managers, Compliance Managers, Operational Risk Managers, Change managers, Audit Managers, Legal Counsels and heads of operations.


The conference will look at global risk management practices in banking and insurance institutions, delve into the effects of legislative changes and how they should be dealt with by examining topics such as:

Meeting the Challenges of PCI DSS Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) represents one of the most challenging compliance regimes being faced by Ghanaian banks. Despite compliance dates having passed, and validation dates quickly passing by, most organisations continue to be non-compliant. In this session, will help demystify PCI DSS, provide insights into how other organisations are managing the challenge, and outline some strategies for achieving compliance.

  • • What does PCI DSS means to your organisation?
  • • Strategies to achieving compliance
  • • Common challenges being faced

Effective Risk Management in Conveyancing

The banking sector dominates the Ghanaian financial system. A large part of the business is lending for housing mortgages. Thus, risks associated with conveyancing must be dealt with effectively to ensure risk and compliance requirements are met. In this presentation we will look at managing risk using advances in technology. We will explore local and international developments in conveyancing through electronic mediums, specifically addressing the risk and compliance aspects including:

  • • Living in a paperless space
  • • Disruption and disaster management
  • • Access and security requirements
  • • Operational risk and governance requirements

Taking a Long Term View of Operational Risk & Compliance Management

Risk and compliance management is an ongoing process. However, in the push to meet compliance deadlines, many organisations may focus on implementing the minimum that is required under current legislations. While this may have immediate cost saving benefits, organisations needs to take a long term approach to ensure it achieves sustained compliance in the years to come.

  • • Identify one-off versus on-going compliance costs
  • • The role of automation
  • • Ensuring the focus on compliance is sustained well after the regulatory changes


enterprise risk management opportunities

By the end of this conference, delegates will have the tools, knowledge, and understanding to benchmark, assess, and improve their enterprise risk management program and practices

financial risk management opportunities

They will have a better understanding of global best practices in financial risk management which will be a phenomenal advantage to increase in productivity

networking opportunities

Participants will gain valuable contacts, have plenty of networking opportunities, and acquire insights for immediate implementation.

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